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Product Description

The Schoeps MK 5 is a multi-pattern capsule for the Collette CMC 1 and CMC 6 series, featuring a mechanical switching between omnidirectional and cardioid patterns.

The MK 5 is nearly an all-purpose capsule. It is what we recommend for those starting out with the Colette series, unless particular circumstances (such as the need for greater directivity or a bidirectional pattern) would indicate a different choice.

With the Schoeps MK 5, pattern switching is purely mechanical via a sliding lever on the side of the capsule. The result in each setting is like an independent microphone capsule with the same quality as the MK 2S / MK 4, and very similar (though not identical) frequency and polar response characteristics. In contrast to most dual-diaphragm microphones, the cardioid setting of the MK 5 maintains its directivity even at the lowest frequencies, and has high frequency response up to 20 kHz. In addition, the MK 5 has excellent low-frequency response in the omnidirectional setting along with the low sensitivity toward wind, vocal “popping” noise and solid-borne sound typical of pressure transducers.