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Product Description


The Genesys Black is a professional recording console where the classic Neve sound, meets the design and flexibility of modern techonologies.

It features 8 channels of 1073 mic/line preamps, 16-channels DAW/Tape monitoring, hands-on DAW control for Pro Tools, Nuendo and more, 8 channels of Neve digitally controlled analogue 4-band EQ, (optional) 8 channels of Neve digitally controlled analogue VCA dynamics and optional channel and monitor section A/D/D/A conversion via MADI, AES and FireWire formats.

A central touch screen, 6 auxiliary buses, 8 group buses, 2 main outputs, 4 effects returns, comprehensive metering, 5.1 monitoring, 2 cue mixes, talkback services and an integrated footprint with internal power supply provides all the power you need.

There’s a ‘classic Neve’ look and feel to the controls, but take a closer look and you’ll see they’re ultra modern too: every switch is ‘soft’. The benefits go far beyond letting you customize your set up to suit the way you work. It also means every routing decision and every switch setting can be saved and instantaneously reset. Add the legendary sounding Neve analogue EQ and optional dynamics cassettes and you can instantly recall these settings too. Just think of the reconfiguration time that saves when you’re juggling multiple projects in your studio.

The GenesysControl Plugin for the Neve Genesys aind Genesys Black consoles gives DAW users the ability to connect to and control the console’s analogue hardware and also automate the EQ and Dynamics processing parameters, fader levels, channel strip settings and more.